Why Companies With Private Jets Should Enlist an Aircraft Management Service

August 18, 2017, Michael Arnone

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Owning a business private jet is important for any large, global company. Not only will owning a VIP private jet afford you the very best in personalized travel, but it is also a powerful affirmation of your business’s elite status. On top of that, a private jets allow your team to go wherever they are needed on a moment’s notice — no delays, no layovers, and no wasted time.

But owning a private aircraft does come with certain challenges. For instance, you will also have to hire a staff that can fly the craft and offer the world class service you expect. Additionally, you will need to have someone on call that is able to maintain your VIP private jet. All of these services can start to add up. Unless, of course, you hire aircraft management services.

Aircraft management services provide companies with all the pleasure of owning your own VIP private jet without the burden of managing the day to day minutia that keeps the plane flying-fit at a moment’s notice.

This guide is designed to give you an idea of the many benefits of contracting an aircraft management service:

  1. Better Trained Crew for Lower Cost
    As we mentioned, the crew of your executive private jet is one of the most important aspects of flying. Whether it’s the pilot or the flight attendant who is bringing you a glass of soda mid flight, your comfort is vitally important. Using am aircraft management service will afford you the best trained crew you could possibly imagine with the added benefit that you don’t have to pay for their training or salary.
  2. Less Administrative Burden
    Did you know that a 2009 survey showed that business people lost 40% of their productivity when they were forced to fly on a commercial airline? While owning a private jet can help you avoid that problem, is it really worth it if your employees are tied up with scheduling and dispatching your jet. When using VIP aircraft management services, you are able to avoid the hassle of scheduling and managing your itinerary. Instead, you and your fellow executives can focus on the work at hand.
  3. The Best in Maintenance
    Maintaining an aircraft is expensive, requiring both a great deal of resources and expertise. What is worse is that you will need someone who is able to keep up with changing regulations and standards in order to keep your craft safe, without any direct supervision from people with knowledge of what keeps an airplane secure. Instead, using an aircraft management service gives you the peace of mind that your technicians are at the top of their field and receiving all the necessary continuing education to keep your plane sound and secure.

If your company has its own company cars, then you know how important regular maintenance and service is to both your employee’s safety and your operating expenses. The same is true with private planes, except the stakes are about 35,000 feet higher. When you’re looking for an aircraft management company, ask them to provide you with details on their safety management system (SMS).

We know that staffing and maintaining your company’s VIP private jet can be a hassle. But when you turn to an aircraft management service, you always know that you and your plane are in good hands.

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