What Should I Bring On My Private Jet Flight?

July 12, 2017, Michael Arnone

get an executive jet charter

If you have chosen to get an executive jet charter for your next business trip, you have chosen the highest grade of travel convenience. Flying on a private jet allows you to enjoy a comfortable flight while being a productive as you would like. Before boarding your next flight, remember to pack these key items.

  1. Identification: While private jets allow you to skip the hassle of airport security lines, you will still need to bring some sort of ID with you. This is a simple security measure to ensure that the person who booked the jet charter is the one boarding the airplane. Also, remember your passport or other essential paperwork if you are flying internationally.
  2. Work Material: A 2009 survey found that professionals flying on a company aircraft are 20% more productive than they are in the office. Your trip on a private jet charter is completely yours, so you can dictate how you use your time. This is a great opportunity to tackle company tasks without interruptions.
  3. A Small Gift: If someone is hosting you on a private jet flight, it is usually appropriate to bring a gift with you. A bottle of liquor or something similar is usually the standard. If you are the one chartering the plan, you do not need to worry about this step.
  4. Grooming Materials: You will likely have a busy schedule ahead of you for this business trip, so be sure to bring items to freshen up before you land. This may include a comb, toothbrush, or even a change of clothes. Taking the time to get ready on the plane will allow you to leave the airport and head right to a business meeting.
  5. Carry On Baggage: Check the jet charter company’s policy on carry on baggage. Fortunately, these regulations are much less strict than those of commercial airlines, so you can generally bring almost anything. These items may vary depending on the length of your flight.

Be sure to always book ahead of time when choosing to get an executive jet charter. This will allow you to choose your ideal departure data and plan your trip’s itinerary with leisure. And of course, remember to enjoy your flight.

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