The European Summer Events That Every Private Jet Traveler Should Know

July 14, 2017, Michael Arnone

charter flight pricingThere is nothing quite like a European summer. Between the beautiful landscapes and bustling cities, there is something for every luxury traveler. In addition to enjoying Europe for its scenery and culture, many private jet passengers are heading to these events. While you are taking note of charter flight pricing for your summer travels, be sure to also consider these attractions.

  • Le Tour De France – July 1-23: One of the most iconic international sporting events, this bike race spans over 3,500 kilometers of France. Whether you are choosing to follow the riders by flying in your jet charter to various cities, or you will be wandering Paris until they cross the finish line, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the event.
  • Wimbledon – July 3-16: Another iconic sporting event that draws luxury travelers, Wimbledon is a hub for international sport and travel enthusiasts. While attending the tournament, you can also enjoy London’s charming culture and leisure destinations. Also, consider taking your private aircraft around various parts of the UK while you are there.
  • Britih Open – July 16-23: The top golfers in the world take on one of the 4 majors in golf. Top sponsors from all over the globe will be sending their VIP’s to this event. The corporate hospitality tents will be filled with celebrities and CEO’s all weekend.
  • British Grand Prix – July 14-16: Another popular international sporting event, this race takes place in Silverstone every year. As with other high-profile sporting events, there are plenty of VIP ticket options. These tickets will grant you exclusive access to lounges, creating a more comfortable experience. Once you secure your private charter, be sure to purchase tickets before the top tiers sell out.

While organizing this summer’s charter flight pricing and schedule, be sure to consider whether you want to visit multiple events and destinations. While the United States makes up 49.7% of the private jet market, Europe makes up 20.8%. Once you arrive, you will be able to coordinate shorter flights between destinations. Be sure to enjoy and take advantage of everything these beautiful places have to offer.

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