Private Planes Offer More Space for a Comfortable In-Flight Experience

November 10, 2017, Michael Arnone

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Many travelers are choosing to switch to all types of private jets as commercial flights become more inconvenient. In fact, commercial flyers face customer service nightmares on flights all the time, and the lack of space available on these planes is often uncomfortable.

Commercial Seats Are Shrinking
There is no question that airplane seats have gotten smaller and closer together over the years. And while federal judges a reviewing a measure that would require the FAA to set space limits, customers continue to feel cramped.

“The modern seat, with its power to pack more customers onto any given plane, is at the very heart of the industry’s 21st century economics,” Justin Bachman writes in Bloomberg. Slimmer seats and less legroom between rows—known as pitch—has enabled ‘cabin densification’ across domestic and international fleets. More seats, quite simply, means more money and lower operating costs.”

Airlines put customers in an even more difficult position when it comes to cost. More uncomfortable seating means lower fares, and that is often worth it for many travelers.

“While industry consolidation did allow carriers to cut costs and command higher prices on some routes, average U.S. airfares have been one of the few consistent goods to hold firm against inflation over the past 20 years,” Bachman writes. “Slimming the seats and tightening the space, the airlines argue, is a rational response.”

Bloomberg reports that airlines claim that these seats are smaller but more advanced than older designs. More specifically, shape, size, and materials are stronger and more efficient. But is that worth the squeeze?

Private Jets: A More Spacious Option
On all types of private jets, customers have much more space to enjoy — and that is not going to change. While commercial jets cruise at 35,000 feet, private planes fly even higher to make trips more quickly. And the same convenience applies to the plane’s interior. Here at Avjet, we know that comfort is all part of the private jet charter experience. Our impressive fleet of private planes can accommodate your travel needs, giving you the space you deserve.

For more information about the comfort and convenience of private planes, contact Avjet today. We are available to discuss your options and help you plan your trip.

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