Keeping High Standards of Safety, Performance and Reliability

Jet Aviation’s worldwide charter and management operations have earned the highest safety ratings from ARG/US (Platinum) and Wyvern Wingman Alliance, achieved by only a small fraction of the charter and management industry. In addition, Jet Aviation has earned IS-BAO registration and is a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF). These distinctions put Jet Aviation in a category of its own.

ARG/US Air Charter Safety Rating

If you are chartering or brokering a charter, how can you be sure that the operator meets your standards in terms of safety and quality of service? The CHEQ report from ARG/US is an objective, unbiased, fact-based safety analysis of Part 135 charter operations. The CHEQ system has three major components: historical safety ratings, current aircraft and pilot background checks, and on-site safety audits. Top aviation leaders rely on ARG/US for accurate, real-time data from hard-to-find information sources and one-of-a-kind database tools.

The Platinum rating – the highest level of ARG/US safety ratings – is awarded to those operators who meet the criteria for ARG/US’s Silver and Gold safety ratings, and successfully pass either an ARG/US on-site safety audit or a recent Department of Defense (DoD) Air Carrier Quality and Safety inspection. The ARG/US audit is conducted identically to a DoD audit by former DoD inspectors. This is a constructive, operational and system-oriented evaluation to help identify and correct potential deficiencies or safety issues. Jet Aviation is a proud holder of the Platinum ARG/US rating, proving that we take aviation to a new level.

Wyvern Air Charter Safety Rating

As partners in the Wyvern Wingman Alliance, Jet Aviation can provide you with the peace of mind of a Wyvern Double-Checked™ flight. To earn the Double-Checked rating, individual crewmembers and aircraft must meet Wyvern’s enhanced safety standards, which are significantly more stringent than what the FAA requires. Air crew, for instance, must possess nearly four times the experience that the FAA calls for, and they must undergo simulator training that is not required by the FAA. Maintenance cycles are shorter and standards more stringent than the FAA demands, so Wyvern-rated aircraft tend to be newer and better-maintained than others. Today, you’ll find more than 700 aircraft globally that meet the Wyvern standard. However, only the client who specifies a Wyvern Double-Checked flight can be assured that his or her flight meets the enhanced safety standards of the most respected name in aviation safety. So make sure you ask for a Wyvern Double-Checked flight.

International Business Aviation Council

Jet Aviation Corporation is one of just over 200 air charter operators world-wide that has achieved IS-BAO registration through an intensive aviation safety audit with focus on conformance with best industry operating practices and safety management. To maintain this registration Jet Aviation must undergo this audit every 2 years with each audit focusing more intensely on the integration of safety management.

What is IS-BAO?

IS-BAO is a code of best practice. IS-BAO’s fundamental purpose is to foster standardized, safe and highly professional aircraft operations.

It was developed by the aviation industry, using contributions from companies in four continents. Benefits range from direct value-added for a flight department, to broad community benefits through widespread application of a voluntary, professional safety standard building upon the excellent safety record already established by business aviation.

Please refer to the IS-BAO website for further information on IS-BAO certification.

Air Charter Safety Foundation

As a member of the Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) and a Registered Operator of the numerous industry audit standards, you can be assured that our operation meets the highest standards of safety and security in the on-demand charter industry. We recognize that the independent evaluations of our Safety Management System (SMS) by the industry recognized audit standards are critical to maintaining continuous safety improvements and a healthy corporate culture. To learn more, visit