Challenger 300

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Bombardier Challenger 300

The super-mid-size Bombardier Challenger 300 was a “clean sheet” design providing a bridge between Bombardier’s Learjet series and its larger Challenger aircraft. Typically configured to seat 9 and offering a range of 3,065nm, the HTF7000-powered CL300 incorporates a ProLine 21 avionics suite


  • Full galley with coffee maker and microwave
  • Flight phone, NxtMail e-mail, DVD, CD
  • Airshow, headphones, 8 AC outlets
  • Charging stations for laptops and other small electronic equipment
  • Aft enclosed lavatory


  • Cabin Length: 28.6 Ft.
  • Cabin Width: 7.2 Ft.
  • Cabin Height: 6.1 Ft.


  • Flight Range: 4890 NM
  • Cruising Speed: 440 KTS

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