Airbus ACJ318

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The Airbus ACJ320 Long-Range Jet Designed for Business

The ACJ320 Family – which includes the ACJ318 – fits into the same sort of ramp space as traditional business jets, but their cabins are almost twice as large, offering a very different travel experience. These aircraft deliver much more than traditional business jets, such as extra baggage-space, pilot-pleasing Category 3B autoland, and mechanic-friendly engine and systems access. The ACJ318 seats 18 passengers.


  • Spacious accommodations, impressive room and comfort for long-distance trips.
  • Ultra-wide cabin outfitted with corporate VIP interior.
  • Equipped with Airshow, DVD player and monitors throughout the cabin.
  • Galley includes coffee, cappuccino maker and warming oven.
  • First aid kit and AED on board.


  • Cabin Length: 70.9 Ft.
  • Cabin Width: 12.1 Ft.
  • Cabin Height: 7.4 Ft.


  • Flight Range: 4200 NM
  • Cruising Speed: 485 KTS

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