Avjet Introduces Charter Services to Cuba after FAA Approval

February 12, 2016

BURBANK –January 19th, 2016. Avjet Corporation, the world’s premiere charter operator of large cabin ultra-long range aircraft such as the Gulfstream G550, Gulfstream G650 and Boeing’s Business Jet has been granted approval as one of only a select handful of operators worldwide to begin charter services to and from Cuba with some restrictions. While passengers must be pre-approved and meet certain travel criteria, the opening up of Cuba’s borders to Part135 charter flights represents an immense step in eventually becoming a prime charter destination flight in the coming years. At present nineteen US destinations can be used to route fliers to Cuba, including popular cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta and Palm Beach to name just a few.

Cuba is a country comprising the islands of Cuba, Isla de la Juventud and several archipelagos in the Caribbean Sea. The capital and largest city Havana is 227 miles from MiamiFlorida, and geographically it is considered part of North America. Cuba is the largest island in the Caribbean, and the second-most populous, with over 11 million inhabitants. Recent relaxed sanctions against Cuba have been reduced leading to significant business opportunities in the coming years as well as a burgeoning tourism trade due to many of Cuba’s beautiful beaches.

“This is the first important step in opening up what will eventually become one of the United States’ key charter markets,” notes Avjet CEO Marc J. Foulkrod. “If you look at Avjet’s global growth over the past two decades we have always been at the forefront expanding into new destinations and Cuba represents one of the last hold outs for US charter customers,” Foulkrod notes. Avjet’s recent explosive charter growth from both a demand perspective and new aircraft additions offers charter customers everything from a smaller size jet able to seat four persons to a commercial size Boeing Business Jet able to seat up to sixteen or more travelers.

Avjet’s current extensive charter fleet around the globe consists of over fifty modern large cabin aircraft, including the flagship Gulfstream G650 and G550 product lines as well as Boeing and Bombardier offerings. Additionally, Avjet’s Mid and Super Mid-Size charter fleet consists of a variety of other offerings from, Bombardier, Hawker, and Dassault.

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Avjet Corporation is headquartered in Los Angeles, with additional locations worldwide. Employing people around the globe, Avjet Corporation is the industry leader in VIP charter luxury travel. Visit us at www.avjet.com.

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