Avjet Featured in AirCell GoGo Biz® Airborne WiFi Service Ad Campaign

March 11, 2013

lefeverAvjet Corporation’s charter division is being featured in a new Aircell Gogo Biz® marketing campaign. The campaign includes video interview footage with Avjet president and chief operating officer Mark Lefever.

The Aircell GoGo Biz®/Avjet collaboration was announced last year, when Mr. Lefever said, “We’re excited to meet our passengers’ needs for staying connected in-flight. We’ve seen an increase in the number of smartphones and tablets on board our charter and managed aircraft fleet. Now passengers can do more on the way to their destination. WiFi truly makes private jet charter the most productive, and the most relaxing, way to fly.”

Avjet’s charter aircraft are equipped with either Aircell Gogo Biz® high-speed internet service or Inmarsat SwiftBroadband. The network technologies were made available by Aircell, a leading provider of in-flight connectivity equipment and services to the business aviation market.

Gogo Biz® allows passengers and flight crews to enjoy high-speed internet capabilities above 10,000 feet in the continental U.S. and portions of Alaska, using their own WiFi-enabled laptops, tablets, smartphones, electronic flight bags and other mobile devices. Inmarsat Swift Broadband provides voice and high-speed data simultaneously.

Having in-flight Internet service on its charter fleet has been well-received by Avjet’s charter customers, so that’s the message Mr. Lefever shares in the new marketing campaign for the Aircell Gogo Biz®.

In the print media version of the ads, slated to run in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Mr. Lefever talks about the real-world financial impact of providing high-speed wireless internet access across the entire Avjet charter fleet.

“My clients’ needs become a crusade for me,” Mr. Lefever said. “In-flight internet benefits everyone involved, from clients to owners, to myself.”

In fact, he noted, “If you don’t have Wi-Fi, your airplane is almost grounded.”

Avjet is honored to be recognized by AirCell in this series of ads, as it demonstrates our complete dedication to the needs of our charter and aircraft management clients.

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