Your Connection to Business Aviation in the Middle East

Avjet has been serving clients doing business in the Middle East for decades. We have built the necessary relationships with aviation organizations and key industry leaders to be able to offer numerous advantages for anyone seeking to buy, sell or operate a pre-owned jet within the region. We have invested the time to not only build a network of representatives and partners in aviation centers like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but also to provide operational expertise in the areas of jet charter, aircraft management and a wide range of support services.

Middle East Growth

Maximizing Productivity with Business Jet Travel

The Middle East has long been recognized as one of private air travel’s most significant markets. The private aviation business in the Middle East is expected to experience 20 percent growth in 2012, according to aviation experts cited at the Air Expo in Abu Dhabi. Business leaders, heads of state and VIPs from across the region have leveraged business jet travel to maximize productivity, efficiency and security, and Avjet has been at the forefront of serving this clientele for many years. Our aircraft sales and aircraft acquisitions experts have been buying and selling new and pre-owned jet aircraft in the Middle East for decades, overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in successfully concluded transactions.

To our clients doing business in or flying to the Middle East, Avjet operates as a trusted advisor and partner in the region. Our large, multinational, corporate clients—some of the largest energy and technology companies in the world—recognize our value as a partner who understands their unique financial structure and operational goals as well as how to facilitate aircraft international transactions and operations.

Providing Strategic Guidance for Acquisitions and Sales

This type of close relationship, based on mutually aligned financial targets, means we are doing more than buying or selling an aircraft. We are providing strategic guidance and maximizing returns for our clients’ assets by consistently obtaining above-market returns when selling, and finding the most advantageous opportunities with buying an aircraft. And when it comes to charter and aircraft management services, we offer the highest international air safety certifications. We also provide medical evacuation and specialized security-related services, complemented by luxurious catering and other VIP amenities.

If you or your organization are looking for a strategic partner with operational expertise and market knowledge of the Middle East aviation environment, please contact us at .

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