Luxurious Convenience: Why You Should Book A Private Jet Charter For Your Next Trip

May 3, 2017, Michael Arnone

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If you have been flying business or first class for your trips, it might be time for an upgrade. While these options offer the luxury experience that you desire, they aren’t as convenient as flying could be. Nothing marries luxury and convenience like a private jet. If you are still hesitating, consider the following advantages of private jet charter. Then look into charter quotes to book your experience.

  1. Less Chaos: Even if you are flying in first class, you can’t avoid the bustle of a commercial airport. Especially when flying internationally, you will need to pass through a major airport. Private jets let you skip the hassle of security, bag checks, and crowded terminals.
  2. Quicker Travel: Say goodbye to long layovers. Depending on your destination, you will be able to fly direct with ease. You will also say goodbye to running through the airport to catch a quick connection, as your private jet will wait for you.
  3. In-Air Productivity: Commercial planes are lined with distractions: noisy neighbors, faulty wifi, uncomfortable seats, and more. In a 2009 survey, business professionals reported that their productivity decreased by 40% when flying on a commercial airplane. In a private jet, you are in control of your environment. This means that you can spend your entire flight doing work on your laptop, practicing a presentation, or going over notes for an important meeting.
  4. Location: Private jets have access to General Aviation airports that commercial airlines do not have access to. Even if you are flying out of a relatively remote area, you won’t have to drive several hours to reach a major airport.
  5. Fewer Restrictions: Commercial airlines have tight controls on what you can bring on board. In a private jet, there are no restrictions on liquids, electronics, and other items. You will be able to speak with your private plan charter company about any regulations they may have.

For your next business trip, consider booking a private jet charter for yourself or your team. Nothing compares to the convenience of a private flight. You will arrive at your destination refreshed and rested, and your professional performance will reap the benefits.

Contact Avjet today to book your private jet. A variety of charter quotes are available depending on your specific travel needs.

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