Keep An Eye Out For These 5 Private Jet Trends

August 7, 2017, Michael Arnone

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Whether you’re new to private jet charters or have been a flight veteran for years, you might notice some changes to the industry in the coming decade. As technology and travel demands evolve, so will private jets. With more than 2,100 air charters available in the United States, different companies will demonstrate varying levels of advancement to provide the best private jet experience. Here is what you can expect from some of the top trendsetters:

  1. More Remote Destinations: With the rise of travel blogs and Instagram accounts, luxury travelers want to search the globe for more interesting locations. Private jet companies will likely be the ones to pioneer this, as commercial flights simply carry too many people to access these remote places.
  2. Longer Range Flying: As destinations get more remote and travel becomes more of a coveted hobby, long range jets will likely extend their reach as well. This means fewer connections and more options for you. It could also mean a more comfortable and efficient travel experience overall.
  3. Tech Partnerships: In flight entertainment is going through a revolution of sorts.
    You may begin to see virtual reality and streaming services on your private planes. You may also see private plane charter companies developing apps, allowing you to book planes on command wherever you are.
  4. Higher Class Services: Private jet travel is becoming more appealing to the world’s elite, which means that private jet crews will go above and beyond to make your experience as luxurious as possible. Expect VIP tickets and other exclusive services.
  5. Commercial Options: Delta recently opened its line of private jets, and it would be no surprise if others followed suit. Having a full spectrum of jet services is simply more lucrative for these companies. As for you, consider using that flight voucher for more than just a first class seat.

The best private jet experience will look very different in the future that what it looks like now. Jets will get faster, higher tech, and even more convenient. This gives you all the more reason to become a private jet client today. You never know what will be in store for you tomorrow.

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