Gulfstream’s G650 raises the bar to win the 2015 Collier Award

December 4, 2015, Laura Pounds

Business aviation has achieved a new flight level – one that has less to do with altitude and more to do with attitude. The proof is embodied in this year’s Robert J Collier Trophy winner, the Gulfstream G650. One look at its flawlessly sleek wings tells you this is no minor evolution, but the emergence of a new business jet concept — a clean-sheet design meant to revamp the perception of an executive jet.

Since its inception in 1910, the coveted Collier Trophy has made three demands of its winners. They must exhibit substantial improvements in aircraft performance, efficiency and safety. Gulfstream’s G650 provides dramatic advances in all three areas.

When it comes to aerodynamic performance, it’s not what you see but what you don’t see on the Gulfstream 650. There are no vortex generators, no-leading edge devices, no exposed flap hinges. The wings are rapier sleek to knife through the air at up to 0.92 Mach, yet highly proficient at low and slow approach speeds to keep you safe and stable.

Like an Olympian long distance runner, the G50 is designed to go Faster, Higher, Stronger.” Its 0.85 Cruise Speed and 7,000 NM range are due to its twin power plants — the newly designed, powerful and highly efficient Rolls-Royce BR725s.

Inside the cockpit, the G650 offers the latest in avionics technology. The PlaneView II cockpit is streamlined to keep pilots apprised of real-time performance so they can stay well ahead of the G650’s superior performance.

Gulfstream designed Cursor Control Devices into the cockpit controls in order to put more information at pilot’s fingertips. They also added an infrared camera in the nose to provide sharp detailed views of airports and terrain even in low-visibility or night-time atmospheres. All of this enhanced capability is viewed through heads-up displays keeping pilots focused on their tasks and their situation awareness simultaneously.

The G650 is incredibly responsive to pilot commands. The engineering team made absolutely sure the G650 got a computer-controlled and highly redundant fly-by-wire system. It makes precise and minute adjustments to ensure a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers and crew alike.

If advanced performance, efficiency and safety weren’t enough, the G650 adds two new criteria for excellence –enhanced cabin comfort and convenience. If you’re aboard a G50 you can control cabin temperature, lighting and entertainment options right from your smart phone or tablet. You can even track your flight or browse for points of interest en route. Seating is living room comfortable and workspace is ample. In fact, there are 12 different floor plans, all designed to seat up to 18 or sleep 10 in a cabin that’s over eight feet wide.

To further enhance cabin comfort and safety, the G650 pressurizes to a 3,000 foot atmosphere when cruising at 41,000 feet and replenishes fresh air every two minutes. No commercial or business jet creates this healthy an atmosphere!

If Mr. Collier were alive today, he would be awestruck at how far aviation has come since he purchased one of the first Wright flyers. He would also see that his belief that flying machines should contribute to the American economy is as strong today as it was in his time. Obviously, the 30 voting members of the 2015 Collier committee thought the Gulfstream G650 met Mr. Collier’s high standards.

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