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February 7, 2018, Charter Team

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Unlike commercial airlines, private jet charters offer flexible travel options for many travelers. Whether you book last minute or a year ahead, you can still enjoy a comfortable and convenient experience on a private jet flight. This is the ultimate luxury; but what happens when an unexpected event forces you to find a flight last minute?

Luckily, there are empty leg flights, which Jet Aviation, is proud to offer to clients. This guide will teach you the basics of empty leg flights and how to request these trips from Jet Aviation.

What are empty leg flights?
The Guardian defines empty leg flights as, “private jet flights where there happens to be nobody on-board … Private jet charter firms, realizing that their aircraft have to return to base at some point and often do so without the passengers they have just ferried somewhere, have taken to offering these return ’empty’ legs for cut-price rates.”

In other words, private jet charters will fly their planes back without passengers. By offering a ride on these otherwise empty flights, they can make some money, while clients have the opportunity to catch a flight at the last minute.

Why fly empty legs?
Empty leg flights offer an incentive to the customer, as they are bought at a reduced rate. At the same time, the private jet company can recover some of its losses from the flight. This practice is also more environmentally conscious, as the crew is using the jet fuel to transport a customer rather than an empty plane.

How can I find out about empty leg flights with Jet Aviation?
Jet Aviation is happy to offer private jet flights to those interested in empty leg booking. You can learn more about empty leg flights on the Avjet Twitter. You can also contact the Avjet team and ask about available trips. We can provide specific information on the cities and dates available.

How can I book an empty leg flight?
To book an empty leg flight with Jet Aviation, fill out the One-Way/Empty Leg Request form. We will look over your application and get back to you with more information.

About one-third of all business aircraft flights arrive and depart from secondary airports, and 19% of flights are into commercial airports. Because of this, your empty leg private jet charter experience can be as comfortable and convenient as possible. For more information about empty leg flights and charter quotes, contact Jet Aviation today.

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