Deep Dive Into the Benefits of Aircraft Management, Part 2

December 15, 2017, Charter Team

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Whether flying in your own executive private jet or offering it as a chartered flight, managing your aircraft properly is key. By doing so, you can focus on your essential tasks and know that the logistics are covered. This is why Jet Aviation is proud to offer our aircraft management services.

In the first part of this series, we took a look at some of the key benefits of this service. By choosing this service, you can trust that your maintenance needs will be covered, as will scheduling and flight logistics. We can also staff your plane and take care of training these employees. In the second part of the series, we will explore additional benefits of this service.

Why Consider Professional Aircraft Management Services? (Cont.)
The following are some additional reasons to choose aircraft management services for your executive private plane.

  • Safety – At Jet Aviation, we take pride in our exemplary safety ratings. We have the highest ratings by IS-BAO, ARG/US, and Wyvern Wingman. Not only are the planes up to safety standards, but the crew is trained in safety as well. With this type of safety assurance, you can relax during your flight and safely charter your private aircraft.
  • Cost Reduction – When managing your own accounting, you may not take advantage of all possible savings. Since Jet Aviation manages almost 300 aircraft worldwide, you can enjoy discounts and other cost reductions. You can also trust that we will manage all accounting accurately and transparently, so you won’t lose money on miscalculations.
  • Revenue Opportunities – Not only can you enjoy your executive jet for business trips, but you can also charter the plane to outside parties. Jet Aviation offers the option to place the plane on our FAR 135 Air Carrier Certificate. This means that when you are not using your plane, you can actually make money off of it.

From enjoying maintenance coverage to chartering your plane, there are many benefits of aircraft management services. For more information about these services, contact Jet Aviation today. We are happy to offer more insight as to how this could be a beneficial option for your organization.

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