Deep Dive Into the Benefits of Aircraft Management, Part 1

December 13, 2017, Michael Arnone

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By purchasing an executive private jet, you are making an important investment for your company. This asset gives your team reliable and convenient transportation, allowing you to manage your business efficiently and to grow your business on an international scale. Whether using your plane for worldwide jet charter or exclusive flights, it pays to manage the aircraft well. This is why many businesses choose to hire professional aircraft management services.

Here at Jet Aviation, we strive to provide exemplary management to our clients. We take care of the aircraft logistics, while you enjoy safe and convenient travel. Private jets use a network of over 5,000 airports around the U.S., while commercial airlines only use 550. We want to ensure that you receive impressive service no matter your airport of choice.

Why Consider Professional Aircraft Management Services?
In this two-part series, we will explore the benefits of aircraft management services. The following are some of the most significant perks that our clients can expect.

  • Maintenance – Careful maintenance and attention are essential when owning an aircraft. By choosing an aircraft management service, you can rest assured that your plane will be FAA compliant and up to date with routine inspection. Jet Aviation has in-house technicians that take care of this maintenance work.
  • Asset Preservation – Accurate budgeting, precise record keeping and scheduled maintenance all result in superior asset utilization and a greater aircraft resale value.
  • Scheduling – We take care of the trip planning so you can focus on your business functions. You can work and relax, knowing that your itinerary, ground transportation, and catering are taken care of. And don’t worry about last minute changes, as we are available 24/7/365 to accommodate your needs.
  • Training – You want the best possible crew for your aircraft, and an aircraft management service can help staff your plane with qualified professionals. Jet Aviation will not only provide a crew, but keep them up on their training as well. If you later choose to use the plane for worldwide jet charter, we can continue to staff it as well.

By opting in to aircraft management services, you can provide the best in-flight experience for your executives. Since we take care of the details, you can relax and be as productive as possible during your flight. In the next part of this series, we will take a close look at more benefits of this service.

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