Chartering A Private Jet? Don’t Fall For These 4 Common Myths

August 9, 2017, Michael Arnone

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Chartering an executive private jet is a comfortable and convenient way to travel to your next business destination. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions out there that may be misleading you into thinking this type of travel is less efficient than it actually is. Use this guide to understand the truth behind some of the most common private jet charter myths.

Myth #1: Owning a jet is the best option for frequent flyers.
While jet ownership may be the dream of some executives, it is not always necessary. In fact, chartering is much more low-maintenance while being just as accessible. By choosing to charter a jet with a private plane company, you can select the perfect plane for your specific travel needs every time. Your private flight quote will adjust accordingly.

Myth #2: Private jet passengers have to select an exclusive airport.
As of 2011, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the United States, and these planes fly out of over 5,00 airports. When choosing to fly in a private jet, you can have your pick of airports. So, even the most remote airports may be able to cater to your travel plans.

Myth #3: Smaller planes mean slower travel times.
Private planes are actually able to fly at the same speed or more quickly than commercial planes. These planes can also cruise at a higher altitude, allowing them to avoid air traffic and get passengers to their destinations faster.

Myth #4: Chartering a private jet is a complicated process.
By working with a reputable charter company, this process can be smooth and simple. You should be able to communicate your travel needs, receive a private flight quote, and keep up a working relationship with the company. This way, you can continue to have simple and convenient travel experiences.

To find out more details about chartering a private plane, call the professionals at Avjet today. We are here to make your executive travel experience as luxurious and convenient as possible. Whether you are a private jet veteran or are chartering for the first time, contact us today to book your experience.

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