Chartering a Private Jet: Dispelling Common Misconceptions

May 5, 2017, Michael Arnone

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For many folks, the idea of a jet charter may seem outside the realm of possibility. Although countless people choose to charter a private jet for pleasure or for business on a daily basis, there are still a lot of misconceptions about private flights and those who choose to book them. At Avjet, we’ll help you find the best private jet for your desired destination and price point. But first, let’s put some of the most common myths about private jet charters to rest.

Private Jet Misconceptions That Just Aren’t True

  • You can’t afford to rent a private jet
    There’s a popular myth that jet charters are wildly expensive and unattainable for non-celebrities. But at least half of those who charter private jets are doing so for business, and there’s a wide range of price options for these charters. You certainly don’t have to be a celebrity to charter a jet. While chartering a jet is still seen as a bit of a luxury, don’t assume that the private aviation experience is out of your price range until you’ve seen private jet charter quotes.
  • Even the best private jets are impractical for work
    If you run a business, you might be under the impression that your employees will see this means of travel as an excuse not to work. But a 2009 survey showed that employees are actually 20% more productive on a company aircraft than they are in the office! The same cannot typically be said for conventional airplane travel or other modes of transportation. Therefore, it’s actually a pretty sound investment. Should you want your employees to actually work in transit, private jets are the way to go.
  • The process is too complex
    Some people will assume that chartering a private jet is simply too confusing or takes too much work. While the process may seem daunting on your own, Avjet makes it easy for you to charter a jet to your destination, for a price that works for you. Every part of the jet travel process should be relaxing and pleasant, not overwhelming or frustrating. We aim to make it as simple as possible and have an array of options to choose from.

Interested in booking a private jet for a company trip or for leisure travel? Avjet is here to help. For more information or to obtain a quote, contact us today.

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