Avjet USA and The Americas

From its base in North America, Avjet capably serves customers in both the United States and Latin America. Our operations include a complete range of aircraft services, including private jet charter, acquisitions and sales, aircraft management and completion / refurbishment oversight. We are well aligned with international aviation professionals and major OEMS, which facilitates the purchase and delivery of new jets in Central and South America.

United States Operations

Avjet has been offering aircraft sales, acquisitions, charter, aircraft management and completion / refurbishment oversight in the United States since 1979. Headquartered in Burbank, California, the company has offices in Washington D.C., and owns and operates an FBO in Colorado. Many of the largest multinational corporations headquartered in the U.S. rely on Avjet’s advice and professional services for acquiring, selling, managing and operating their corporate fleets.

Avjet’s private jet charter division is recognized as the nation’s finest, with its premier fleet of large cabin jets, supported by a concierge-level of service unequalled in the industry. Avjet’s charter division has earned the highest jet charter safety ratings by all major auditing firms. The professionally managed aircraft in the Avjet charter fleet are expertly operated and maintained at standards that exceed the FAA’s requirements. Avjet’s aircraft management clients enjoy substantial revenue—many receiving over a million dollars a year—generated through charter income when their aircraft are added to the Avjet charter fleet.

LEED® Platinum Certified Private Jet Hangar

As a company Avjet believes in environmentally responsible operation, and to that end operates the world’s first LEED® Platinum certified private jet hangar. This designation is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design [LEED] rating system. The hangar houses up to three Boeing 737 commercial size airliners.

The company has a total of almost 213,500 square feet of hangar space. This includes more than 65,000 square feet at its Burbank, California, facility, where Avjet operates a FAA Part 145 approved repair station to maintain its fleet of large cabin aircraft. Avjet’s close relationships with OEMs including Boeing, Gulfstream, Bombardier and others allow the company to control repair and maintenance costs while providing rapid turnaround to minimize aircraft downtime. The company’s technicians stay current with the latest developments in technology and maintenance protocols and gain access to the OEM’s own technical experts.

Avjet also provides its clients with expert aircraft completions and refurbishment management. The company’s specialists act as the aircraft owner’s advocate with the engineers, designers, fabricators and installers, providing a single point of accountability to the client throughout the project. More than simply managing the project, Avjet’s experts have both depth and breadth of experience in completions, which enables them to achieve each owner’s vision for the aircraft while ensuring each phase of the completion is performed to the highest standards.

Latin America

Business aviation in Latin America now accounts for a tenth of the world’s business jets, but that number is expected to grow as increased development, business activity and the long distances required for travel in the region make private jet travel a more attractive option for business leaders in Central and South America.

Business Jet Growth

According to data from JetNet, the Central and South American-based business jet fleet has been growing by 10 percent (about 200 airplanes) annually, currently to more than 2,000 aircraft. Very light jets (VLJ) have been growing by 20 percent in Latin America over the past year, and large-cabin jets experienced a 17 percent growth. While Brazilian manufacturer Embraer has provided great leadership in the region, other business jet manufacturers are well represented as well. Our strong relationships with all major OEMs facilitates the purchase and delivery of new jets into this part of the world for our clients. And our network of aviation professionals in Latin America enables us to conduct transactions of pre-owned business jets for both buyers and sellers who live, work or travel to the region.

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