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Similar to Avjet’s early recognition of the growing importance of the Asian markets, the African continent has become one of the global economy’s bright spots over the past few years. The strong emergence in the early ‘90s of tourism and commerce necessitated travel throughout the region by means of private jet travel.

A second wave of interest occurred in the past few years with the strong growth of mining and natural resource sectors, oil and gas services, telecom and other infrastructure segments. Coupled with a still nascent and unreliable commercial airline sector, general business aviation is playing an essential role in the growth of business within the continent and beyond.

Many of the newly emerging companies and businesses that are spearheading African growth have business operations in very remote areas not accessible by commercial means. Additionally, business growth is becoming global in scope making long range transcontinental flight not only a priority but a requirement for African business. Sales growth of super mid-size and large cabin ultra-long range jets has quadrupled in recent years.

Only 10 years ago the emphasis was clearly on South Africa, but over the past couple of years this incredible growth in business has fostered general business aviation in places such as Nigeria, Ghana, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, and most recently Angola. Avjet is at the forefront of this explosive movement and helping pioneer general business aviation travel.


“Africa’s Second Largest Economy”

Avjet has recently gained a strong foothold in Africa with a specific presence in Nigeria. In recent years, Avjet has placed multiple aircraft into Nigeria including the delivery of a new Gulfstream G450 to an official head of state. Avjet now manages multiple aircraft in Nigeria at both the company and state level. Additionally, Avjet is a special advisor to the Government of Nigeria and is helping construct, manage and implement several high level aviation projects to build Nigeria’s aviation infrastructure. Avjet is involved in all facets of general business aviation in Nigeria and other countries within the African continent including aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft management, aircraft charter and aircraft consulting.

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