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Global Private Aviation Services

Avjet offers its executive clientele a worldwide platform from which to leverage the benefits of business jet travel. With offices, agents and representatives in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia and the Americas, you will always be able to rely on Avjet for tactical support and strategic advice from a global perspective.

Multinational Aircraft Transactions

We have access to buyers and sellers in dozens of countries around the globe. If you are buying or selling a business jet—new or pre-owned—and require international oversight for the transaction, Avjet offers the experience and expertise you need.

Furthermore, the significant differences among aviation governing bodies in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa can create difficulties for brokers who are not up to date with the latest regulations. Even more detrimental to a successful aircraft closing is that many of these “glitches” are not discovered until well into the transaction or sometimes at closing. This translates into time lost, money wasted and, in some cases, a broken deal. Because Avjet serves clients on a worldwide basis, we understand and stay current with rules and policies of multiple aviation governing bodies and financial regulations. We successfully navigate these challenges every day in the operation of our global management and charter fleets, and we can leverage that expertise for you and your organization.

Safety, Security and Peace of Mind On Six Continents

As a direct provider of global air charter, executive jet services and aircraft management, we look at the big picture of your travel plans. We are able to streamline your overseas travel based on our firsthand experience working with the aviation agencies of dozens of countries around the world. We also address all the precautions and contingencies that need to be considered, from ground transportation, last-minute changes in itinerary, medical and evacuation support, as well as hundreds of other details.

If you have the need for charter service anywhere in the world, contact us today for a quote or for more information. And if you are selling an aircraft, let Avjet provide entrée into a vast, dynamic international market where we offer a leadership advantage in dozens of nations around the globe.

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