Executive Jet Aircraft Management Services from Jet Aviation

When you choose Jet Aviation to provide aircraft management services for your private jet, you’ll have the best of both worlds – your business jet will be flight-ready for your private use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year – but without the burden of operational complexities or costs from having your own flight department.

Executive Jet Aircraft Management from Jet Aviation

Whether you own one private jet or multiple corporate aircraft, Jet Aviation can significantly improve your aircraft service levels, while reducing the overall cost of your flight operations.

Jet Aviation: A Well-Deserved Reputation for Excellence

Jet Aviation business jet management services enables you to fly confidently, knowing that an expert team of jet management specialists will take care of all aspects of flight handling, flight following, scheduling, dispatch and maintenance, including ground transportation and other arrangements to meet your travel needs.

In addition, our professional jet management services will ensure your corporate jet meets or exceeds all the FAA requirements for maintenance, inspections and response to service bulletins required for your aircraft. We provide detailed monthly reports on all flights, maintenance, inspections and charter use.

Your Safety Always Comes First

Meeting and Exceeding FAA Standards in Maintenance, Inspections and More

In addition to meeting all FAA requirements and manufacturer service bulletins, we provide all the maintenance and inspections necessary to ensure the safe and comfortable operation of your private or business jet. Jet Aviation has achieved a top safety rating by ARG/US, Wyvern Wingman Alliance and IS-BAO, so you can rest assured that our management and operational staff are always working to provide you the highest level of flight safety.

The World’s Most Qualified Flight Crews

Thanks to our reputation as a top executive jet management company to work for, we attract the very best pilots and flight attendants in the industry. In fact, we hire from among only the top 5% of all candidates who apply to work with us.

Jet Aviation has extensive experience in the hiring and training of the pilots and flight attendants who will operate your corporate jet. We provide them with recurrent training and testing that exceeds FAA requirements. You will have a crew that knows your private jet thoroughly, and is dedicated to achieving your aircraft’s highest levels of safety and performance.

We also oversee all aspects of crew training and certification, investing in the people who will provide you with the best flying experience possible.

Charter Revenue

To offset the cost of ownership, your executive jet aircraft can be placed in our world-renowned charter fleet when you are not utilizing the aircraft for your own private or business use.

It will be flown by your designated crew, carrying only Jet Aviation’s elite VIP passengers. The benefit to you is that your plane will always be available whenever you need it, but will also be generating aircraft charter revenue as an aviation asset when you don’t. Many of Jet Aviation’s private jet management clients enjoy more than a million dollars of annual offset revenue by taking advantage of this expense offsetting opportunity.

To learn more about the many advantages of Jet Aviation’s professional corporate jet management services, please contact us by calling +1 (818) 841-6190 or fill in our Aircraft Management Request Form.