Executive Air Travel Solutions Consulting

Every organization has unique travel requirements, not only for its corporate officers but also for its many other executives and its sales and technical teams. Even in a world where email and teleconferencing offer cost-effective ways to bring people together, the value of personal, face-to-face interaction cannot be overestimated.

Global Private Aviation Services

Customized solutions for business productivity and efficiency

The question is how best to enable your organization’s leaders and others to travel efficiently and stay productive in flight. Avjet offers a comprehensive review of your company’s travel habits and can recommend a customized solution that integrates aircraft ownership, fractional ownership, air charter and commercial air travel. The result is an optimized approach to enabling your people to maximize their effectiveness when they travel.

We will help you evaluate whether your current fleet truly matches your travel requirements, or if your organization would be best served by a change in aircraft or the use of charter, especially for peak travel times that may not justify the purchase of additional aircraft.

As most companies now must include international destinations in their travel planning, Avjet offers unparalleled expertise and advice. Because we operate, buy, sell and charter aircraft on a global basis, we can offer real-world insights from our operational experience. This includes specialized security, air medical and logistical support on six continents.

We will also help you calculate the potential savings of having your aircraft professionally managed versus sustaining your own flight department. This also opens the door to revenue generation for your organization by enrolling your aircraft in the Avjet charter fleet—the world’s leading fleet of large cabin jets.

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