Leadership in Environmental Stewardship

Avjet is a progressive global company at the forefront of corporate and environmental responsibility. We do not merely react to industry regulations but instead have been setting these standards within business aviation long before they were mandated.

We were among the first charter and management companies to offer carbon offset programs for its clients. Under this program, Avjet tracks the number of carbon dioxide emissions from each aircraft and offers clients a wide array of carbon offset programs to reduce our carbon footprint around the globe.

Avjet Environmental Leadership

Hangar 25

In 2008, in conjunction with Shangri-La Construction, Avjet opened the world’s first private aircraft hangar to achieve Platinum certification under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Rating System™. This marvel of science is the first hangar of its kind in business aviation and demonstrates Avjet’s commitment to our mutual goals of carbon reduction and operational savings in the most environmentally friendly way.

Operated by Avjet, Hangar 25’s key sustainable design and construction features include:

  • Solar array that produces 110% of the building’s operational electricity needs
  • Electric tow and other vehicles powered by the solar array instead of diesel
  • Daylight harvesting through strategic design, including a diamond-polished concrete floor that reflects light
  • Diamond-polished concrete floor does not use toxic sealants that require regular reapplication and maintenance
  • Water-based, high-fog fire suppression system eliminates volatile chemicals that require storage infrastructure, regular replacement, and, if deployed, damage aircraft and require hazardous materials cleanup
  • Fans and evaporative coolers employed to eliminate need for refrigerant-based cooling
  • Plumbing that reduces water use by 60% through low-flush, low-flow and waterless fixtures
  • Sustainable landscaping including the use of drought-tolerant native plants and a no-mow, no-water Synlawn
  • Avjet was honored to be selected as the operating partner for Hangar 25 and the project serves as further evidence of Avjet’s ongoing commitment to taking a leadership role in general aviation.

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