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Gulfstream Aircraft Expertise

No aircraft quite defines private aircraft travel like the Gulfstream line of premium business jets. The Gulfstream name is simply synonymous with private air travel. If you are looking to purchase or sell a Gulfstream jet, consider the following facts:

Avjet is

  • #1 In Total Gulfstream Sales and Acquisitions
  • #1 In Gulfstream G450 Sales and Acquisitions
  • #1 In Sales of New Gulfstream G650 Positions

We have purchased, sold, operated and managed more Gulfstream aircraft than anyone in the world. Our analysts and researchers possess a thorough knowledge of the entire fleet and the current values of all Gulfstream models. With this unrivaled expertise, Avjet can help you maximize your effectiveness at the negotiating table when buying or selling a Gulfstream, and we can professionally manage your Gulfstream jet with the highest degree of professionalism and responsiveness. Please view our charter fleet to see the many Gulfstream aircraft available for your personal travel requirements.

Our in-depth knowledge of Gulfstream operation is unsurpassed in the U.S. or around the globe. Leveraging our longtime relationship with the manufacturer, Avjet’s specialists provide our clients with insights gained over three decades of buying and selling these beautiful aircraft as well as operating them on behalf of our charter and management clients.

To learn more about Avjet’s specialization in Gulfstream sales, charter and management, visit

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