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Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) Expertise

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) offers the ultimate experience in VIP private jet charter. It has three times the interior space of other business jets at a comparable price with a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles. Based on the commercial Boeing 737 airliner, the BBJ provides VIP travelers with room to work, relax, dine and sleep, attended by all the latest technology and amenities. The BBJ enables travelers to cross oceans and continents, with a maximum range of 10 hours flying time. Despite its exceptional size and range, the Boeing Business Jet’s takeoff requirements are only slightly more than other long range private jets, providing wide airport accessibility.

Boeing Business Jet for Private Jet Charter

World leader in Boeing Business Jets

FAA Certified for Part 135 Charter Operation

Avjet is a world leader in new and pre-owned Boeing Business Jet sales and acquisitions, as well as delivering and overseeing completion of new “green” aircraft. Avjet is the only Boeing Business Jet operator in the United States approved by the FAA for Part 135 global charter. This certification was specially awarded to Avjet by the FAA, the Department of Transportation and with final approval from the White House. Avjet now has two BBJs, based in Burbank, Calif., and Miami, Fla. Please view our charter fleet to see the BBJs available for your personal travel requirements.

Our in-depth knowledge of Boeing Business Jet operation is unsurpassed. Leveraging a longstanding relationship with the manufacturer, Avjet’s BBJ specialists provide our clients with insights gained over three decades of BBJ operating these beautiful aircraft on behalf of our charter and management.

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