A Guide To Executive Air Travel Consulting, Part 2

January 8, 2018, Michael Arnone

charter an executive jet

Here at Avjet, we want your business trips to be as productive and enjoyable as possible. Your business travel needs are as unique as your business, and this is why we provide executive air travel solutions for our elite clientele. Since business professionals experience a 40% drop in productivity while flying commercial, you can thrive by flying private. To help you achieve this, we strive to keep your trip efficient and customized to your needs.

Executive Air Travel Solutions: The Avjet Approach
When you work with Avjet to charter an executive jet, you can trust that your business needs will come first. Once you book with us, we will take a close look at your travel habits. This will help us put together a customized travel solution for you and your colleagues. And when anything changes, we will change your solution accordingly. We have extensive experience arranging executive travel all over the world, and we know exactly what it takes to coordinate your travel logistics down to the smallest detail.

This customization can include a change of fleet or scheduling, as we know that business travel must often be flexible. We might also note that your company may be better served by private plane ownership rather than private aircraft charter, and our aircraft completions monitoring team is at your disposal. But our approach goes beyond just fleet planning. You can also expect expert advice on international travel plans.

Since private air travel offers a high level of convenience and luxury, you can also enjoy special security, logistical support, and air medical services internationally. While you are trekking the globe for your business tasks, you can also sign up for professional aircraft management. By crafting your executive plans accordingly, you can cut costs and make your trip as efficient as possible — and Avjet is here to help.

Whether you are interested executive private jet ownership or simply want to charter an executive jet for an upcoming trip, Avjet can customize a travel solution for you. Your productivity is our priority, so you can expect exemplary customer service to craft your ideal executive travel solution. And as your business needs change, so can your travel details and itinerary.

For more information on our executive services, call our professionals today. You can reach an Avjet consultant at info@avjet.com or by calling (818) 841-6190. We can provide a quote and more details on your options.

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