7 Of The World’s Most Popular Private Jet Destinations

May 8, 2017, Michael Arnone

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If you are daydreaming about the best private jet experience, you may be imagining all of your exciting destination options. Private jets are famous for transporting famous clients to a multitude of luxurious locales, providing the most comfortable and convenient experience possible. At a time when even first class feels like steerage, there’s really only one option for comfortable air travel: charter a jet.

Whether you are flying to a business meeting or jetting off to your next vacation, private jets open up a world of possibilities. To inspire your next itinerary, here are some of today’s top private jet destinations.

  1. Nice, France: When the global real estate consultants at Knight Frank examined the most popular private jet destinations in the world, one European locale was the clear favorite: Nice, France. The most traveled private jet route in the world was between Moscow and Nice, but the fastest growing route also included Nice. Specifically, private jet charters between New York City and Nice.
  2. New York, New York: According to CNN, fully 60% of those who charter a jet will take off and land within the borders of the United States. And when they do, they’re most likely to land in New York City. Miami to New York is the most popular route (and the second-most popular route in the world), but New York City-bound travelers also take off from West Palm Beach, London, Los Angeles, and Houston. For business or pleasure, New York City is still one of the world’s top destinations.
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada: This bustling city has been one of the most popular private jet destinations for years. Las Vegas is a hub for all things luxury, boasting elegant casinos, top-rated hotels, and impressive gourmet food. It is also the most popular business conference destination, as it adds small perks to the average networking event.
  4. Aspen, Colorado: Ready to hit the slopes? You aren’t alone — Aspen continues to draw high class vacationers to its breathtaking mountains, luxury ski cabin rentals, and creative culture. The Aspen Ideas Festival draws some of the more brilliant minds in the country each year. For those traveling on chartered flights, Houston to Aspen is one of the most common routes in the country.
  5. Monte Carlo, Monaco: Known for its stunning coastline and charming culture, Monaco is another popular hub for luxury travelers. Whether you are coming to cruise on a boat, wander the streets, or witness the famous Grand Prix, Monte Carlo likely has what you are looking for.
  6. Nassau, Bahamas: One of the most popular tropical vacation destinations, Nassau is the ultimate stop for relaxation and pampering. Whether booking a seaside hotel or an all inclusive resort, visitors often arrive on a private aircraft and continue that level of convenience throughout their entire trip.
  7. Dubai, UAE: As this city grows as a business and trade hub, many of the world’s top executives are arriving via private aircraft charters. For business and pleasure, Dubai is the picture of elegance. It offers decadent food, high class hotels, and booming commerce. Already, the Middle East is the third-largest private jet market in the world

If you are picturing yourself strolling in the sun in Nice, closing deals in New York City, or enjoying luxurious nights in Dubai, it is time to order your private jet membership. The experience of chartering a jet will allow you to select your preferred airport, avoid busy security lines, and customize your flight experience. You might even arrive more quickly, as private jets can fly higher than the 35,000 foot elevation allowed by commercial airlines. With perks like these, the choice is simple.

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