5 Things You Can Do On A Private Jet (But Not On A Commercial Plane)

September 27, 2017, Michael Arnone

executive private jet

When booking your next business trip, there are plenty of reasons to consider an executive jet charter. Private jets are the picture of convenience, taking the hassle out of flying. The following are just some of the things you can easily do when flying private that would be out of the question on a commercial airline.

  1. Stay on your schedule.: Flying last minute? Running late? No problem. You can generally book a private jet charter when you need it. And if you are behind schedule, the pilots will simply wait for you. Not having to adhere to the strict commercial airline schedule certainly liberates your travel plans.
  2. Fly to more remote locations.: As a luxury traveler, you want your options to be open. Private jets are able to fly into a larger network of airports than commercial planes. So, whether you are flying to a bustling city or a small tropical island, your private jet charter will have you covered.
  3. Skip the airport security lines.: Standing in a line will only waste your time. By chartering an executive private jet, you can skip commercial security clearance and even board from the tarmac. Just be sure to check the private jet company’s own security requirements.
  4. Get work done.: A recent survey found that professionals are 20%
    more productive on a company aircraft than in the office. And there is good reason for this. While flying private, you control the cabin’s environment, so you can be free of distractions for the entire flight.
  5. Select who you share the cabin with.: When flying commercial,
    you have no idea who your neighbors will be. From sneezing passengers to crying babies, you may have unwanted company. In a private jet, you can fly alone or with a few colleagues. It’s entirely up to you.

The bottom line is that nothing beats the comfort, luxury, and convenience of a private jet. Once you charter for your next business trip, you will likely never go back to flying commercial. The pure personalization of executive private jets will hook you from the start.

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