5 Reasons To Charter Rather Than Buy A Jet

July 14, 2017, Michael Arnone

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Depending on how often you take private flights for corporate purposes, you may be considering whether to charter or purchase a jet. The business aviation industry, which generates $150 billion in annual revenue and employs 1.2 million Americans, is highly complex. Knowing this, it is important to choose the right private jet option for you. For most professionals, jet charters are a great option, at least in the short term. Consider these benefits of chartering as you make your choice.

  1. The jet won’t be sitting
    By chartering a private jet, you are only using the plane when you need it. You don’t have to worry about having stretches of time when you are not traveling in which the plane sits without use. By scheduling a charter, you know that the plane is being used to its most efficient potential.
  2. Up front Capital Cost is lower
    The capital commitment when buying a jet can will be in the tens of millions of dollars. By chartering the capital cost is much lower especially in the short term.
  3. The jet company takes care of maintenance
    By chartering all of your private flights, the charter company will be the one maintaining the plane in between uses. This
  4. You enjoy the same convenience either way
    Whether you buy or charter a private jet, the experience will be the same. You will still be able to board at your convenience and enjoy the flight as you please. This comfort does not change when you own your own jet.
  5. You can select a specific aircraft for your needs
    When you choose to executive jet charters for all of your trips, you can select different types of private planes depending on your situation. If you are flying with a small team of colleagues, you may select a larger plane than if you are flying by yourself. This customization can be highly useful.

Remember that just because you begin by chartering your flights does not mean that you cannot purchase your own plane eventually. For private jet newcomers, jet charters are a great way to learn what features you enjoy and how often you will be traveling. From there, you can plan a potential purchase down the line.

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