5 Private Jet Charter Mistakes To Avoid

June 6, 2017, Charter Team

gulfstream charter plane

Comfort, convenience, and luxury are the hallmarks of flying in a private jet. Through a charter service, you can arrive at your destination without hassle and on your own schedule. While cruising on a private jet is much smoother than commercial air travel, it is still possible for details to fall through the cracks. Avoid these common mistakes during your next trip:

  1. Skipping The Fine Print: Not all executive jet charter companies have the same terms and conditions. Be sure to read every contract thoroughly to make sure that every expense is accounted for. You are choosing this service to make your trip easier, not to add complications. If you read something that you don’t understand, be sure to ask the company to clarify. Added charges such as Catering, Ground Transportation or De-Icing can add up quickly and be charged after the trip.
  2. Skipping Your Homework: There are a multitude of private charter companies out there. Make sure you do your research and are flying with a reputable and safe operator.
  3. Renting On Impulse: Booking with the first private jet company you find is never a wise decision. Be sure to research multiple businesses before you make a decision, keeping your exact travel needs in mind. There are many types of private jets available in different sizes and distance capacities.
  4. Bringing The Wrong Baggage: While private jets have fewer baggage restrictions than commercial airlines, you can’t necessarily bring anything you want onto the plane. Smaller planes generally have smaller baggage compartments, so look into these regulations before you pack.
  5. Wasting Your Flight: Time is yours while flying in a gulfstream charter plane. These aircrafts are free of distractions, so use the flight well. If you have work to do, this is a great environment to be productive. Quiet jet charters are also ideal for catching up on sleep, reading, and much-needed rest.

Having the ability to fly on a private jet is an amazing experience, and making sure the research is done in advance will ensure a seamless trip. After all, there were 11,261 private jets registered in the U.S. as of 2011. Given the amount of private jets in the nation and the opportunities for travel customization, be sure to look into all of your options. Picturing yourself relaxing on a Gulfstream charter plane on the way to your next business trip should be the perfect motivation to pick the best aircraft company.

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